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You looking to tour in New Zealand, Canada, the USA, South Africa or Australia in a motorhome or camper? You've found the right place! Because Campervan Rentals has been your trusted motorhome rental provider for more than 10 years. On our website you will find all the information about our operators and their camper vans as well as numerous special offers. Calculate up-to-date rental prices for vehicles in each country, all year round.

With us you will find vehicles from these operators

  • Australia(Adventure Rentals)
  • Australia(Apollo Motorhomes)
  • Australia(Britz Rentals)
  • Australia(Camperman)
  • Australia(Cheapa Camper)
  • Australia(Crikey Camper)
  • Australia(Cruisin Motorhomes)
  • Australia(Hippie Camper)
  • Australia(Jucy Rentals)
  • Australia(Lets Go Motorhomes)
  • Australia(Maui Rentals)
  • Australia(Mighty Campers)
  • Australia(Red Dirt)
  • Australia(Redsands Campers)
  • Australia(Spaceships)
  • Australia(Travellers Autobarn)
  • New Zealand(Apollo Motorhomes)
  • New Zealand(Britz Rentals)
  • New Zealand(Cheapa Camper)
  • New Zealand(Escape)
  • New Zealand(Go Rentals)
  • New Zealand(Hippie Camper)
  • New Zealand(Jucy Rentals)
  • New Zealand(Maui Rentals)
  • New Zealand(McRent)
  • New Zealand(Mighty Campers)
  • New Zealand(Pacific Horizon)
  • New Zealand(Spaceships)
  • New Zealand(Travellers Autobarn)
  • USA(Britz Rentals)
  • USA(Campervan North America)
  • USA(Cruise America)
  • USA(El Monte RV)
  • USA(Escape)
  • USA(Mighty US)
  • USA(Road Bear)
  • USA(Travellers Autobarn)
  • Canada(Canadream)
  • Canada(Cruise Canada)
  • Canada(Four Seasons)
  • Canada(Fraserway)
  • Canada(Meridian RV)
  • Africa(AfriCar)
  • Africa(Asco Car Hire)
  • Africa(Avis Rentals)
  • Africa(Britz Rentals)
  • Africa(Bushlore )
  • Africa(Happy Campers)
  • Africa(Maui Rentals)
  • Europe(Apollo Deutschland)
  • Europe(bestCAMPER-Rentals )
  • Europe(McRent Deutschland)
  • Europe(McRent England)
  • Europe(McRent Island)
  • Europe(McRent Portugal)
  • Europe(McRent Schottland)

5 reasons why you should choose Campervan Rentals

  • Features a wide range of the top camper rental companies

  • Fixed price guarantee, no price change after booking

  • Customer's money insured

  • Quick response times

  • More than 10 years experience in camper rentals

Where should I visit?

With us you can easily and conveniently book motorhomes in the most popular countries for camping holidays. We operate in the following countries:

  • Australia: Down Under has been a destination for holiday makers for decades. With us you'll have access to competition beating prices for the top 16 vehicle providers!
  • New Zealand: choose between 14 different camper operators and discover these beautiful islands!
  • USA: discover the land of big dreams and freedom by motorhome. We offer 11 trusted operators across the US.
  • Canada: the second largest country in the world is an oasis for motorhome vacationers. We have the top 8 operators on offer.

Looking for more than a camper?

The team of Campervan Rentals strives to go further for their customers and for that reason we offer more than just camper rentals. We are able to find and book you flights at the best possible prices. Should you have a question about our services, you can always send us an email. We always respond quickly! Campervan Rentals- the online home for motorhomes and camper vans internationally!