Meridian A-Class Wohnmobil in Kanada

A-Class – Meridian RV

4WD Camper

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Vehicle Information

The Meridian A-Class Canada Camper will win you over with its comfortable and modern design. Holding up to four adults comfortably, there's now nothing standing in the way of an outdoor, on the road holiday for the entire family. Enjoy the comfort that only a modern camper can offer. Even though there's little space, there's enough room for a shower, toilet and a wash basin. Also on board are water and gas tanks enabling you to make spontaneous stops along your journey. With a microwave, oven, stove top and fridge you can cook until your heat's content. There's no need to freeze or sweat either, as both an air conditioner and heater are installed. For new or unsure drivers, both a reversing camera and cruise control included to ensuring comfort and safety.

Vehicle Data
Allowed Passengers4
Max. Children1
Guaranteed Automatic Gear
Engine6.8 L V10 Benzin
Fuel Consumption (approx)30-35 litres / 100 km
Fuel Capacity303 litres
Length876-945 cm
Width229 cm
Overall Height371 cm
Interior Height213 cm
Minimum driver age25 years
Beds (Length x Width)
Double Bed190x152 cm
Dinette Bed172x081 cm
Additional Bed172x107 cm
Air Conditioning Driver’s Cabin
Air Conditioning Main Cabin
Heating Main CabinGas
Walk Trough Cabin
CookingGas / Oven
FridgeElectric / Gas
Entertainment Driver’s CabinRadio
Entertainment Main CabinTV
Fresh Water Tank189 litre
Waste Water Tank152+152 litre

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