Rental Conditions Meridian RV


All services and inclusions avaliable will be shown on our website and we will automatically apply any special offers (such as Early Bird or Long Term discounts). Please read carefully all general information that is supplied within the offer, especially with respect to amendments and cancellation conditions.


All packages include the "Public Liability Insurance" (PLI, statutory liability insurance). All packages include "Collision Damage Waiver" insurance (CDW) and a "Vacation Interruption Protection" (VIP) insurance, which reduces the excess to CA$ 1,500 per in the case of damage, theft or vandalism. A police report is mandatory in the event of damage.

Insurance is not valid if the provisions of the rental agreement signed on pick up are violated. In particular, but not exclusively, this relates to (for example) driving on unauthorised roads, gross negligence, unlawful use of the vehicle, use by an unauthorised driver or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, damage to the interior of the vehicle, damage caused by frost or overheating.

Please consider the services included in each individual package with regard to the additional insurance included within.


There is a deposit of CAD750, - debited from the credit card at pick up. We accept only MasterCard and Visa credit cards for the Security Deposit––no American Express, cash, wire transfers, debit cards or pre-paid credit cards. The Security Deposit will be refunded at drop-off provided unit has been returned on time, there is no damage, it’s clean on the inside and out, all equipment is present and undamaged, the holding tanks are all empty, the gas tank is full (immediately upon arriving at station for pick-up), and no damage claims have been made. Please note that in all cases the exchange rate difference between the deposit given at pick-up and the refund given at drop-off is the renter’s responsibility.

No, supplier does not charge any additional credit card fees when guests pay the deposit or any additional items at pick up.


The damage excess will be charged per incident regardless of the cause of the damage, who claims responsibility or if other vehicles are involved.

Free Kilometres/Miles:

Included in the rental price per day are 0 free kilometres. Additional kilometres may be purchased in advance. Every driven Kilometre not paid in advance will be calculated at drop off. Current costs can be found in our detailed offer, which takes into account any special deals that may be currently available.

Please enter a realistic planned route into the price calculator on our website, so that we can provide you with the cheapest possible calculation.

One-way Rentals:

The rental company has only one depot.


Meridian RV motorhomes are all equipped (except category B) with saftey belts and at least one tether point to secure children in forward facing child seats (minimum age 1 year and weight between 8-18kg). Rear-facing child seats or booster seats can not be installed safely and are therefore not allowed. Children under the age of 12 are not allowed in the driver's cab.


Renters must be between the ages of 25 and 75. Passengers 21-24 years of age can drive, but only if the principal driver/renter is 25 years of age, or older. A current and full motor vehicle driver’s licence is required. If the driver’s licence is not in the English language then an international driver’s licence is also required. An accredited English translation will be accepted in lieu of an international driving permit.

Price Calculation:

The calculation of rental days in all seasons will be determined on a “per night” basis as is standard practice in the hotel and tourism industry. The pick-up day is counted as the first rental day, and there is no charge for the last rental day on which the vehicle is being returned

Driving Locations:

No travel permitted: on the Dempster Highway (also referred to as Yukon Highway 5 and Northwest Territories Highway 8) into the NW Territories and Nunavut; to Mexico; to any outdoor festivals, events or concerts (including Burning Man); to Death Valley, California, from June 1st to August 31st; on roads designated on official provincial or state maps as ‘other roads – gravel or dirt’. Insurance coverage is void if travelling in restricted areas without authorization, and renters will be subject to a $2,000 penalty. All repairs, damages and delays caused by mechanical breakdowns in restricted areas are the responsibility of the renter.

Limited travel in B Class, C-SM and C-MED units permitted north of Fort St. John along the Alaska and Cassiar Highways into the Yukon and Alaska (Northern Surcharge applicable). No travel permitted on the Dempster Highway (also referred to as Yukon Highway 5 and Northwest Territories Highway 8) into the NW Territories and Nunavut.


Local sales taxes apply to all pick up- & drop-off charges and may change at any time.

Vehicle Pickup and Dropoff:

Regular RV pick-up for rentals is between 11:00 and 15:00. An Early Pick-Up between 08:30 and 12:00 (surcharge applicable) can be arranged.

Returns take place between 08:30 and 10:00 at our station in Port Coquitlam on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Clients cannot pick up the vehicle the day they arrive with an inter-continental flight. We recommend therefore spending the first night in an airport hotel or motel.

General Information:

The rental company reserves to the right to provide a similar sized or larger vehicle with all the same features and inclusions should circumstances deem this necessary (eg, if the allocated vehicle was damaged immdiately before you hire). Any additional costs regarding a larger vehicle such as fuel and ferry costs are at your expense.

The rental company reserves the right to charge administration fees for the handling of any traffic fines issued during your hire. All fines must be settled directly with the issuing authority.

You are required to monitor oil and water levels of the vehicle. Please keep the receipt should you be required to purchase engine oil and this will be refunded to you at the end of your hire.

Please read carefully the vehicle company conditions with respect to vehicle damage and insurance excess.

Winterization: The vehicle's water and propane systems are always not fully functional during frost-like weather and may not be fully usable during such times. Damage caused by frost will be borne entirely by the lessee and is not insured. In the manual accompanying each vehicle, you will find important instructions on what to do in such instances.

Cleaning fees: The camper must be returned completely cleaned inside and out. You can pay in advance a cleaning fee of $100 allowing you to return the camper uncleaned (toilet/waste tank still to be emptied). Failing to do so may result in substantial cleaning fees.

Operator only accepts: VISA / Master, no American Express → more info: When customers pay the security deposit, we do not reimburse them at the end for any currency changes that take place between the time they put down their security deposit ($750) and we apply the credit back to their card at the end of the rental ($750).

  • bis 30 Tage vor Reisebeginn:
    15% des Rechnungsbetrages, mindestens jedoch EUR 300

  • 30-16 Tage vor Reisebeginn:
    75% des Rechnungsbetrages, mindestens jedoch EUR 600

  • 15-1 Tag vor Reisebeginn:
    90% des Rechnungsbetrages, mindestens jedoch EUR 900

  • ab Reisebeginn:
    95% des Rechnungsbetrages

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