Rental Conditions Apollo Motorhomes


All services and inclusions avaliable will be shown on our website and all discounts (such as Early Bird or Long Term discounts) will be automatically applied. Please read through all general information supplied within the offer, especially with respect to amendments and cancellation conditions.


All packages include third-party liability insurance up to NZ$5 million


* Basic Package: All packages include basic insurance with excess of NZ$5,000 for Hitop, Endeavor and Vivid and AU$7,500 for Euro Tourer, Euro Camper, Euro Star, Euro Slider and Euro Deluxe. You can reduce excess by paying for additional insurance at pick-up. 

* Premium Package: Includes the supplier's best insurance, which in addition to the reduction of the excess to NZ$0, - also covers damage to the roof structure, underbody, windscreen and tires.

Roadside Assistance:

In addition, you can book the Roadside Assistance insurance, which includes towing services up to 25 km, locksmiths up to $120, third-party coverage, tire replacement, and an emergency tank filling up to 20 liters. Non-mechanical issues are not addressed and you may need to bring the camper to a repair shop.

Roadside Assistance PLUS:

This insurance includes cover for one windscreen and two tires in addition to the benefits of Roadside Assistance Insurance. (Not available for the Vivid Camper)


The insurance is no longer valid if the rental agreement signed at pick-up is broken. In case of misconduct on the road or in cases of vehicle damage the following will rule your insurance coverage invalid or is not covered: - by gross negligence; - damage caused to the Vehicle in any way by part or total water submersion or salt water; - damage caused due to a single vehicle roll over; - by using contaminated or incorrect fuel; - towing/recovery of a stalled vehicle; damage to the awning, slide out or overhead of the Vehicle; - personal property.

Damage reports:

In the event of accidents, problems, breakdowns or technical difficulties, you are obliged to notify the supplier immediately during business hours or otherwise within 24 hours after the occurrence of the incident. If this message is not received immediately and the supplier does not have the opportunity to remedy the situation, the customer is not entitled to any compensation.

It is important to note the information provided by the supplier on how to behave in case of damage.


The deposit in the amount of the excess will be deducted at vehicle pick-up from a credit card . This applies even if you have purchased independent insurance. 

When booking the Premium Package, the deposit is reduced to NZ$250, -. However, will not be debited, rather only authorised from your account/

Please ensure that your credit card has sufficient credit at the time of pick-up. The credit card must belong to a person registered in the rental contract as a driver. The deposit can only be made with a credit card.

Fluctuations in exchange rates: Price differences between the time of debiting and credit entry are at the expense or the benefit of the lessee. Fees apply to deposits. Any interest-exchange losses on refund of the deposit can not be claimed from us, nor from the supplier.

Deposit processing fees: Please note that the landlord charges credit card fees when debiting the deposit. 2% for Visa/MasterCard, 4.5% Amex and Diners and 2.8% for Union Pay. If no damage has occurred then you will receive the deposit and also the 2% refunded at Visa / MasterCard. Fees for American Express, Diners and Union Pay payments are unfortunately not refunded.

Apollo reserves the right to withhold the deposit up to 14 working days after the return of the camper.


The deductible is calculated per claim, regardless of the question of guilt and/or the involvement of another vehicle. In case of damage, the credit card will be debited again in the amount of the excess.

Free Kilometres/Miles:

All packages include unlimited free kilometers.

One-way Rentals:

One-way rental fees (pick-up and drop-off of the vehicle at different locations) are allowed, but will always incur an additional fee. This can be found in the offer listed.


Children under 6 months are not allowed in any of the vehicle models. Please be sure to let us know if you are traveling with children under the age of 8, so that we can clarify the suitability of your vehicle in advance. Child seats or booster seats can be rented at pick-up. The supplier does not offer baby bowls. We recommend not to bring your own child seats, as these may not comply with local regulations.


The minimum age is 21 years. The driver must have been in possession of his licence for at least 2 years. International customers are required to have an international driver's license or a certified translation of the customer's driver's licence. In the  rental agreement signed at pick-up only personally present persons can be registered to drive the vehicle. Only the persons registered in the rental agreement are entitled to drive the vehicle.

Combined Rentals:

Rentals of the APOLLO Group (Apollo, Star RV, Cheapa, Hippie) can be combined in Australia, New Zealand and the USA within 3 months to enjoy long-term discounts.

Price Calculation:

The rent is calculated per day. From 1st to 10th equals 10 rental days. Long-term discount is applied from 21 rental days.

Driving Locations:

Campers and motorhomes may only be driven on paved roads. Exempted are well maintained access roads to recognized campsites up to a maximum of 12 km. Not permitted are Skippers Road (near Quenstown), Ninety Mile Beach, Ball Hut Road (Mt. Cook), Crown Range Road/Cardrona Valley Road from Cardrona to Arrow Junction (Queenstown), and north of the town of Colville (Coromandel Peninsula).


The New Zealand GST tax of 15% is included in the rental price.

Vehicle Pickup and Dropoff:

The pick-up and return of vehicles is only possible at the depot and only during opening hours.

Transfers between the airport and the depot - and back - are included.

General Information:

Vehicle type: The supplier reserves the right to provide you with a larger or at least equivalent sized vehicle, if unforeseen circumstances, for example a last minute accident, require the issusing of a replacement vehicle. The supplier is not responsible for any associated charges, for example higher fuel costs, etc. Camper and RV floor plans and vehicle specifications are subject to change without notice and may vary due to changes or upgrades.

Traffic tickets: Processing fees and tolls: The supplier charges no additional fees for the processing of damages or fines - the costs of traffic offenses will be issued separately by the responsible local authority.

Cleaning Fees: The camper must be returned with the interior completely cleaned. The exterior of the vehicle must be cleaned to a condition that any damage can be easily identified. An additional cleaning fee can be paid in advance at pick-up, allowing you to return the camper uncleaned (toilet/waste water tank still must beemptied). Failure to adhere to the cleaning rules may result in susbstantial fines.

Smoking: is not allowed.

Diesel tax: The "Road User Charge Recovery Fee" is calculated according to the route and is payable directly to Apollo at the end of the journey. The costs are listed in our offer.

Animals: Pets are allowed only with the prior permission of Apollo,for an additional fee of NZ$200, -.

Credit Card Fees: For all other payments made at pick-up the following fees will be charged: 2.0% for Visa/MasterCard und 4.5% for Amex und Diners and 2.8% für Union Pay.

  • bis 91 Tage vor Übernahme:
    10 Prozent des Rechnungsbetrags, jedoch mindestens EUR 150,-

  • bis 22 Tage vor Übernahme:
    20 Prozent des Rechnungsbetrags, jedoch mindestens EUR 300,-

  • 21-7 Tage vor Übernahme:
    30 Prozent des Rechnungsbetrags, mindestens EUR 300,-

  • ab 6-2 Tage vor Übernahme:
    60 Prozent des Rechnungsbetrags, mindestens EUR 300,-

  • ab 1 Tag der Übernahme:
    95 Prozent des Rechnungsbetrags, mindestens EUR 350,-

Keine anteilige Erstattung bei vorzeitiger Rückgabe oder verspäteter Abholung.

SBAV coverages:
 Coverage SBAVCoverage Premium Package
Accident involving another vehicle
Accident not involving another vehicle
Accident involving an animal
Rollover crash not involving another vehicle
Towing expenses
Water damage
Third party property
Improper use